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Hot, Hot Roti at the Holidays

There is a wonderful children’s story called “Hot, Hot Roti for Dada-ji” (F. Zia, 2011) about a young boy that makes fresh roti for his grandfather – roti that bestows superhero powers!  Gwen and Sage discovered the book last year … Continue reading

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Farmer Sage meets (and eats) Hog Island Oysters

Last week Sage and I loaded up for a day on the coast – tidepooling, whale watching, and an exploratory visit to Tomales Bay and the Hog Island Oyster Farm. Sage is 5 and generally adores fresh fish and seafood … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day at San Jeronimo

This morning I joined my good friend Martin and his mom for a trip to Cusco’s largest farmer’s market — Mercado San Jeronimo — to buy flowers and vegetables and to admire the festivities associated with Dia de las Madres. … Continue reading

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Bones and Bears

Over the past few days Sage and I have managed to spend quite a bit of time outside — down in the garden, by the river, and up on the ridge behind the cabin. The ridge leads to a vast … Continue reading

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More Tales from Farmer Sage

Well it was just a matter of time before he spotted that first, big juicy tomato. Gwen had recently re-potted the plants (they live in the greenhouse where nighttime temps stay above 50 degrees) and the fruits are now at … Continue reading

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The Tales of Farmer Sage

From Llamas to goats to horses and ducks, young farmer Sage has had more interest in animal pictures than in the real thing. But recently we have seen subtle signs of the plates shifting, and there is new hope that … Continue reading

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Sage’s Chickens

Last year, before Sage started pre-school, he was fond of waking up at 6:00 am.  But in the cold of late winter there was little for us to do outside in the yard, and not that much to do inside … Continue reading

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Sage in Baja

Last week we took Sage to Baja California for his first real trip to the beach.  Given the sub-zero conditions here in Colorado, and given his love of water and nudity it seemed like a good idea.  We also knew … Continue reading

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Getting ready to leave home.

Tomorrow I head to Denver for a Thursday flight to Santiago, so tonight I am slumping around getting my things together and hoping Sage doesn’t forget who I am while I’m gone.  I know that sounds stupid, but at least … Continue reading

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Climbing S Mountain

Today we took Sage on his first peak climb — Salida’s very own Tenderfoot Mountain (aka S Mountain for the big white S at the top).  I should really say that we carried him, since the wind was howling and … Continue reading

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