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A little seafood chowder anyone?

With the first crabs of the season on hand I crafted a hearty chowder for our first rainy night of NorCal winter. The crab-umami and fish combined with hearty beans & rice, and a delicate crunch from celery and cabbage … Continue reading

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Change of Perspective: Peppers too hot. Relish just right.

We love padron peppers. Blistered in some hot olive oil, and a few sea salt flakes – it’s one of our favorite summer appetizers. Thanks to the Galicians of NW Spain, these little peppers have found there way to Mediterranean … Continue reading

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Pumpkins of Mystery

Tonight I made a pumpkin pie from squash grown in our own backyard. I know, “big deal – everyone in West County grows their own food.” What is remarkable about the pumpkin in this pie is that we have no … Continue reading

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Local Food meets the Local Food Chain

I knew I should have put a wire cover over the chicken yard. But after nine months fenced under some apple trees our eight happy hens seemed immune — immune to the wild uncertainties looming in the adjacent pinons and … Continue reading

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More Tales from Farmer Sage

Well it was just a matter of time before he spotted that first, big juicy tomato. Gwen had recently re-potted the plants (they live in the greenhouse where nighttime temps stay above 50 degrees) and the fruits are now at … Continue reading

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